Hello Divine Being...

(this one's for you)


I am so glad you are here. I'm sure you know it's no accident. You've been guided here for a reason and I have a feeling that your soul knows exactly what's next for you.

The past couple years have pushed all of us out of our comfort zone and exposed us to circumstances we may have never experienced before. It has marked the beginning of a great change both within and around us.

If you are reading this, I know you have been initiated into a new level of consciousness, you've demonstrated your resiliency and you have leaned on your spiritual tools more than ever. 

But now you are ready for more. You are over just getting by, figuring it out, feeling all over the place as you bounce from different spiritual principles, healing techniques and self-help sermons. You are ready to go deeper, you are ready for a foundation on which you can build the life you've been fantasizing about.

I get it, I've been there.

Early on my spiritual path, I felt so disjointed. I had already seen some positive effects from my meditation practice and the various spiritual principals I had learned through different self-help books and metaphysical texts. Slowly things were moving in a positive direction with regular set backs and lots of wondering if I was ever going to "figure it out." Can you relate?

I knew I needed a steady, consistent practice and set of spiritual principles that I could lean on day after day to quantum leap into the juicy, happy, abundant life I was meant to live. 

The Process is me opening up the vault and showing you the foundation, the tools, the principles, the powerful meditations and reflection rituals that I pieced together for myself to step into a new paradigm of living and become the divine co-creator of my life. 

This process has transformed not only my life but the lives of so many women all around the world that I have worked with utilizing it's methodology, And now I want to share it with you.

I credit the tools and teachings in DDYL with me becoming the teacher and guide you experience today, starting my business, sharing my light and reaching new levels of prosperity each year. I credit this work with getting book deals, attracting national TV opportunities, magnetizing an amazing audience and having the courage to share what lights me up with the world in such a big way. Implementing these tools and resting on this spiritual foundation has even lead to me getting engaged to the love of my life this year! Most importantly, this work has created the foundation for deep, authentic, peace and happiness in my life and a most magical connection with the divine.

 Enough about me though, this work has also lead my clients to find the loves of their lives, see numbers they've never witnessed before in their bank accounts (in a really good way!) and courageously step up into new levels of shining in their career. It's helped them navigate deep loss with more peace, deepen their relationships, manifest dream homes, cross country moves, multiple publishing deals, dream work opportunities and more. It's a game changer on every level.

Now I pass the torch to you.

It's your time to Divinely Design Your Life.

I can't wait to see what you co-create. ;)



I'm Ready!

Imagine this..


 This is the year your whole life changes.


           You leave your disempowered frustration in the dust and begin using each thing in your life in service of your greatest expansion. You  stop feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious thinking that everything in your life is happening to you and you start creatively looking for gifts in each project on your plate. You are more yourself, more expressed and more confident than ever knowing that every part of you was divinely designed from the color of your eyes, to the clothes you naturally enjoy wearing, to your sense of humor and sass. You love yourself more, finally feel worthy and find more happiness on a regular basis.


Imagine this year..          


            You go after your career goals with enthusiasm and excitement, you open yourself up to deep, romantic love and even love your beautiful earth suit on a whole new level. This year, you fully accepted that all of it was here for a reason, the desires, the struggles, the situations. When you got rejected, you felt more peace, you leaned on the knowing that what’s meant for you wouldn’t miss you. You accepted that rejection was simply divine redirection. When you faced a struggle, you asked yourself, “what is this here to teach me?” You believed that everything was divinely designed and you started moving through your life differently. You approached obstacles with grace, you didn’t dismiss your dreams and most importantly, you accepted the role of a divine co-creator of your own reality and your life changed as a result.


This new paradigm of living is available to you right now.


         Divinely Design Your Life: The Process is your spiritual foundation, community and support for embracing this new way of thinking, being and showing up in every aspect of your life so that you can fully leverage all that is here to help you on your soul’s journey. It will walk you step by step through the process of claiming your divine birthright so that you can be the fullest expression of yourself in the world. It is an essential toolkit for taking that divinely planted vision you have for your life and making it your reality in lightning speed while being happier than ever on the journey.

13 hours +

 of Spiritual and Strategic talks with Cassandra's in the modules (valued at $5,000)



Hot Seat Coaching Calls

An open time for questions with Cassandra. Gain clarity on blocks that have come up while working through The Process and share your breakthroughs.

25 +

guided meditations and a continually expanding library (valued at $1,000)



12 hours +

 of LIVE time with Cassandra on your monthly gatherings (valued at over $3,000)


365 days

 of free access to Gatherings (live calls) and bonus Moon Workshops and Deep Dives  



Direct Contact

All your questions and comments answered by Cassandra in the community chat (valued at over $5,000 -- only available before to full clients!)


Free Access

 to all Deep Dives and  Moon Meditations throughout the year and VIP access to sign up for one on one coaching or intimate coaching groups that open up before the general public. (valued at over $2,000 plus)

Alumni Rates

Continued access to all the features available inside Divinely Design Your Life at a special Alumni rate after your first year.



The Process

Get access to 16 life changing modules. Each with a guided meditation and reflection ritual to crystalize your integration and transformation in turning the vision for your life into reality.

The Community

Get access to the DDYL community where you can introduce yourself to other divine beings, make soul friends and ask Cassandra + Team questions regarding your work in The Process.

The Library

Get access to all of Cassandra's guided meditations and energy clearing tools in one place for easy practicing. Perfect for when you need instant relief or want to return to an old favorite from The Process.

The Gathering

Twice a month, we will come together on Zoom (dates and times will change to accommodate all timezones) and Cassandra will lead a timely meditative journey, spiritual talk and Q+A.









“I have had emotional breakthroughs, ah-ha moments, and clarity like never before. In the first 6 months of working with you, I was able to accomplish more than I had in the last 5 years! Just reading that statement back is mind-boggling! My productivity has soared and I am well on my way to having the creative business and life that I wanted, but was struggling to create for myself.”


“Now having experienced two one-on one’s with you I can say you have shifted more in me than any therapist I have ever had. Perhaps because in your authentic warmth I can open up and shift my pain. You also have countless practical tools that help my logic brain shift energy. I feel the divine downloads come through you when you give me activities to do.”


“You are an amazing guide. You knew EXACTLY when to give me the little boot up the butt that I needed, and you did it in such a gentle way, but I appreciated that you didn’t just let me keep making excuses. So even though you ooze kindness and encouragement, you still said what I needed to hear to get momentum going again when I was falling flat. I really appreciate your guidance, but then the fact that you also see that we’re all individuals, so you don’t put your own stamp onto things. That meant a lot to me. .”


“Cassandra has such a joyful, graceful presence about her and shares her light with us. She really goes above and beyond and delivers on the needs of the ladies in the program. She’s a supportive guide who is going to give you a lot of grace, but she’s also going to kick you into high gear if she senses you need it!"


“Working with you was so amazing! I relate to almost everything you say. No matter what the video is, when you list examples 90% of the time the first one you give hits wildly close to home.”

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BONUS - receive a Divinely Design Your Life Journal with a personalized note from Cassandra 


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Monthly Payments


for 12 months for one year access


Pay in Full


BONUS - receive a Divinely Design Your Life Journal with a personalized note from Cassandra 


Three Payments


for 3 months for one year access